Welcome to the
Ibusuki Royal Hotel


Welcome to the Ibusuki Royal Hotel, where you will find the perfect blend of Japanese hospitality and beautiful ocean views. Admire the sea of Ibusuki, feel the breeze, and bask in the sunshine. Relieve the stress and fatigue of daily life by rejuvenating your mind and body in our soothing hot springs.

Only at the Ibusuki Royal Hotel

Located in Kagoshima Prefecture, the Ibusuki Royal Hotel offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
Nourish your body with local ingredients, escape the daily hustle, and indulge in 'beauty and wellness.' Empower yourself to face each day anew. Step into tomorrow with renewed energy after experiencing the rejuvenation of mind and body with us. Come, embrace the tranquility, and revitalize with us.

The View

As you glance around, you'll be greeted by a blue sky, swaying palm trees, and the azure waters of Kinkowan Bay right in front of you. It's easy to see why this place is called the 'Hawaii of Japan.' Our hotel is situated along the beach, allowing you to enjoy ocean views from your rooms, the lobby, and outdoor hot spring.

The Rooms

We offer a variety of luxurious rooms for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Whether it's a standard Western-style room, a traditional tatami mat room, or a spacious Japanese-Western fusion room, you will get a restful night's sleep.
Open the windows and take a deep breath. Experience the fresh air, the birdsong, and the sound of the waves as you gaze out at the sea and landscape.

The Cuisine

Indulge in a delightful shabu-shabu kaiseki featuring Kagoshima Kurobuta pork and fresh vegetables, complemented by domestically sourced bonito broth. Revel in the exquisite marbled-patterned steak kaiseki made from the finest Satsuma Black Wagyu, perfectly paired with Kagoshima's shochu.
We use the finest seasonal ingredients from Ibusuki and Southern Kyushu to create a delicious breakfast that satisfies your heart and body.
Start your day with a healthy and beautiful meal for a satisfying and delightful morning.
※Please note that dining reservations are required at least two days before check-in. Same-day requests cannot be accommodated.

Experience the Sand Bath

Ibusuki is renowned for its rare sand bath, a unique onsen experience. In this natural hot spring, warmed sand is applied to the body, providing a relaxing sensation similar to a sauna.
Its effects are three to four times greater than regular hot springs.
Not only offering detoxification but also promoting blood circulation and enhancing skin beauty. While we don't have an on-site sand bath facility, we provide a complimentary shuttle bus to Sand Bath for your convenience.

Tips to Enjoying the Baths

Step 1

You can purchase hot spring tickets and rent towels at the reception counter. Please note that taking indoor towels outside is prohibited.

Step 2

Take the hotel shuttle to the Sand bath. The bus operates from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Step 3

Once at the baths, give your ticket to the reception and change into the designated yukata robes. It’s best to be naked underneath so that your undergarments don’t get sweaty and sandy.

Step 4

Walk down to the baths. Choose a trench to lay in, and an attendant will slowly scoop the warm sand on top of you. The baths are similar to being in a sauna, and the toxins built up in your body will slowly be released.

Step 5

After finishing the sand bath, please return to the changing room and enjoy a shower and hot spring. Return your bathrobe to the designated box and change into your regular clothes.

Step 6

Take one of our shuttle buses back to the hotel. Make sure you don’t miss the last one of the day!

The Ibusuki Royal Hotel Spa (Komoso-yu)

The hotel's hot spring is known as "Komoso-yu," named after the monks who used it for medicinal purposes in ancient times. Moreover, our onsen is rich in moisturizing elements. It stimulates collagen production and accelerates the metabolism of keratin, resulting in smoother skin. Hence, it is known as the "beauty bath.

The Spa

During your stay, be sure to make an appointment at our spa. We offer various full and partial body oil massages, as well as Thai massages and yoga and fitness classes. Let your stress melt away in the comfort of our private treatment rooms.

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